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music to screw to


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:::for making love:::

Marvin Gaye


Danny Tenglia Global underground (both of them)

Sweet dreams by the eurythmics

tina turner

that raptuer song that Dave Seaman played 2wice on saturday

::: for striaight up fuckin::

Hallucinogen- The lone deranger

any steve lawler mix

tranceport- mixed by okenfold

Wutang clan- Black shampoo

Black sabbath

Machine head

Thats all I can think of right now


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Originally posted by Abstrakt

Dont forget Maxwell - Urban Hand Suite

Fellas if you dont have this yet, do yourself a favor and get it...it comes in handy LOL!

Is there any way we can get a running list here ?

GOOD call



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Originally posted by cintron

I'm suprised nobody mentioned - TRICKY!!!!

some of his shit is daaaaarrrrrrrrrkkk

Mmmm, good call. Don't forget Faithless.

Any deep house with pounding bass is always good.

And for those not-so-tender moments, don't forget the words of the visionary Mr. Reznor:


I wanna feel you from the inside

I wanna fuck you like an animal

My whole existance is flawed

You get me closer to god

And a little less aggressive:

And if she says come inside

I'll come inside for her

And if she says give it all

I'll give everything to her

I am justified

I am purified

I am sanctified

Inside you

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How about a little old school with David Morales (United Dj's of America) or Doc Martin's collection of Love Songs.

staying with old school but getting a little freaky and rough (the way I likes it) : Samshign Pumpkins - Siamese Dream

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Originally posted by senorfern

There's this track on an Armand V. H. cd that starts off with a continous loop of a saw going back and forth. I like to screw with that on in the background...I like to give 'em the saw.

necessary evil is the shit

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My Favorite Sex Song for Special Ocasions

Original Bedroom Rockers ~ Kruder & Dorfmeister

Moments In Love (Thunderstorm Mix) 12 min. ~ Art Of Noise

And for the Hardcore Fiends,

That Porno Track by Danny Breaks & AK 1200

A D&B track with Nasty Female Vocals in Latin

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George Michael- Careless Whisper

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

nah but um seriously, the DJ Venom HousE Blend 7 mix is fuckin HOTTTTTTTTT to bang to the bass beats. As well as any kinda of gabber depending on how wild the girl ;-)

but, as far as some foreplay and shit...good ol Aphex Twin- Selected Ambient Works Vol 2 definitely sets the mood as well as Autechre's-Tri Repeatae and the song "Love is everything" by Dee-Lite on the Infinity Within album. VERYYYYY SEXY song gets u in that foreplayish mood.

whoever mentioned Tricky, GOOOOOOOD CALL cause both "Heaven is round the corner" and "Makes me wanna die" are 2 of the sexyest songs ever.

sorry, but i have a big 600 watt system in my room and can't help it but to put it to good use ;)

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hahaha, this is so weird, my last monkey session was to George Michael's careless whisper! holy shit, i guess im not the only weirdo who likes it to lite fm :) also, steve lawlers dark drums 2, as someone has mentioned, 'i am standing in the middle of the dancefloor, all around me girls and boys are taking off their clothes. i feel like i just got high, and the dj, hes playing this music....ohhhhhh yeahhhh!

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