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Montréal meet-up

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Hey guys it seems there's gonna be a bunch of you little freaks in town on october 19th. well fuck! That's lovely.

So all montrealers on the board and all of you kiddos across the border that are gonna be hitting Sona that week-end... let us know. For the others, change your plans and drop by.

I know Dialectics and lazerlight... I might not be able to make it myself but hell if I can't make it, I'll be thinkin' of ya all.

More details coming later...

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Flexman!!! The doctor is in! Yeahhhhhhhh! Who's my bitch?!!!!

You are a tricky little one are'nt ya! How'd ya find me here?

Hey man, say hello to Bellagrazza who of course is invited. And she knows it but just want us to beg:tongue:

Nice to see ya here flex

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dammit i keep on screwing this up.

tiesto is in ny on the 20th, but i am coming up the 26-27, because i just got my brother a pair of turntables, and i'm gonna bring them to him. i can't wait!

have fun...

(ps i think bella already knows we all drool over her.... mmmmm yummy)

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I dont know about droolin' caus' I havent seen much of our lady but hell! the black leather pants/yellow top is enough to get my young bachelor's imagination goin'.

She's a good sport anyway and thats the kinda girls I want around when I party.

By the way man, you're missing a huge loft party this saturday. Right on St-Laurent street, DJ's, cheap boooooze, a shit load of funky friends and... girlfriends from two of the major modeling agencies in town. Not that I'm interested in models [right!?!? :eek: ] ... but man I'll make sure I look sharp.

Anyway, later man

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Well fuck me !!! [not literally... caus' I'm a shy boy and all] It's our favourite Bellagrazza showing-up! :D

How you doin' dear?

So hon'... curious?

Here's the good word. At least if I can attach the damn e-flyer. If it does'nt work send me a pm with your e-mail so I can forward the info. There's also a link if you wanna hear couple tracks [from the DJ's spinnin' there].

Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it there before 4:00... or at all. friends are trowin' it so it'd be a bitch and a half to miss it but another friend is havin' her birthday party at Havana-Club on the fuckin' south shore and the whole gang's gonna be there. + the owner is kinda booking the DJ's we like and all. Gotta say though I hate goin' where the metro wont take me.

Well my life's a hell!! :rolleyes:

Goin' Sona on friday though if I find some company. I'll try to find lazerlight overthere [guy with sleeveless shirt. :confused: Right lazer... Way too much info. I'm sure you'll be the only one wearing a muscle-T:D ]. But ya know still gonna round-up the crew before.

Hell that's a long one!!! See ya guys

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you got it jonnyb...I don't know what to do about friday night..I def. want to hit sona but I don't know what the best time is to get there...I wanna go late but I'll be with about 10 peeps so that'll be a pain to get in late..I'm thinking I'll be there early to chill at the bar and get shitty :puke:

As far as the shirt goes..who knows if I will have one on but I will surely have a white hat that says "UCONN" on it

see ya there...

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Are ya all dudes? Caus' if you get there later but have some chicks with ya, your OK.

Keep in mind that this saturday is a huge night at Sona so tonight might not be so busy after all. Still if you're just guys, I'd go round 1:00 just so everybody has time to make it pass our O so friendly door staff. In fact i'm bitchin' but I got it from an insider that they're givin' up on the pissin' everybody off policy. Guess they were startin' to loose the crowd or somethin'.

give a call anyway my man

see ya!!!

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Well hon"... one word.: WOMAN. You're a chick. You come right in second place on the "most precious" list... right after the DJ.

Mind ya, the guys only give ya the attitude when you're in the line-up. Soon as you get in, you allways get the "you have a good one big guy" and all. And the guestlist girl's allways nice too.

Never got the big attitude from the staff, but they can be real brutal with some of the kids. Seen it and understand how someone would'nt have it so easy.

Guess they'd have to go in with you. They'd be OK with the staff and they'd be spendin' the evenin with a gorgeous girl. ;) I'm so fuckin' cheeeezy!

Hon', this is a shitty monday so I'll leave ya on that and I'll be comin' in when I'm back to my "bellagrazza-lovin" self.

Cheers sweetie

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