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3 days in Montreal

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Hey there,

I'm going to Montreal for the first time this weekend. I'm going to be there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Does anyone have some club recommendations? I'm into trance/progressive/house...thanks!

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Yo man!

Simple enough, there's three clubs worthy of that name in Montreal. Sona, Stereo and Aria. All good with different styles and crowds.

Sona's trys for the more underground feel. London glam/trash I'd say. Techno on fridays, with gorgeous women and a little less packed and snobbish then sats. wich are usually more House/tech-house and bring a lot more Mr Universes and their girlfriends strippers. Still lots of fun.

Stereo is predominently gay and leans much more towards House. Supposedly has one of the best sound systems in the world. When the place has been put together by DJ's... it's not surprising.

Then there's Aria... Good clean fun, the place itself is pretty fuckin' sharp architecturally speakin'. The DJ booth is all glass so you can watch the works either from the floor or from the bar [slightly above the DJ]. The crowd though is'nt allways as sharp as Sona's. Someone else could tell ya differently though. I'll just say it's pretty good and you would surely enjoy it but will never replace Sona.

In terms of getting the right sets, check-out the line-ups:



or check this [equivalent of village voice] for listings:


Anyway man those are my picks for after-hours. There's a shitload of regular clubs to try as well if you just wal St-Laurent street between Sherbrooke and St-Joseph.

Sure you'll have a blast... Hit me back if you've got any questions.

Later man

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Right I did'nt tell ya! That's my new position. Montreal tour guide... for the young and the freak.

What about last week-end bella? Sona not so good? Were ya there friday or saturday?

On my part, I survived hell [south shore], thanks to friends and drugs. I say champignon you say champinione. tralalala...

Any news from dialectics?

right see ya hon'

:cool: [that smily has no corrolation to this message whatsoever but I thought I'd create psychological confusion. Nobody ever uses it. That's a shame caus'he's really OK. He just needs to find his crowd.] OK, so the vitamins have killed my brain, but that's what makes me so fuckin' charmin'. At least that's what my mom says.

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Right! Sorry bout the response time man. Crazy week I'm havin'.

So here ya go:

On St-laurent street between Sherbrooke and Pines st [Des pins in french], you've got all the "trendier" clubs. Beautifull people havin' a great time. Gogo lounge seems to be the spot these days. Right across the street, there's Tokyo. My personnal suggestion. Music's usually at least decent and the crow up for a good party. But the decor is really the high point. If you keep goin' north, you'll have "Central Station" No opinion on that one but it's definitely one of the biggest non-after clubs. That't probably where you'll get the most action before three.

Skip "the Living" a little more to the North but still on St-Laurent st.... I think you'd be dissapointed.

Another good spot is Jinxy On Rachel st at St-Denis. Cool spot with good music though the crowd is not allways up to the challenge. Definitely worth seein' though.

One place to check out is "Bily Kun" Loungier, no dancing, minimalist electronica but hell! You're there to have a beer with the friends. It's a little like east village with a bit more glam. Did I mention the stuffed ostriches [is that how you write it?] heads on the walls?

Just remembered a new place on Ste-Catherine. Sonic showroom. Gotta to try it out yet but looks pretty sharp.

All right, too much writing... I'm gonna get it from Bellagrazza again:tongue:

See ya man and give a call if you need [i'll leave it in the PM's ]

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Originally posted by bellaragazza

well arent you just spewing out information :)

jonnyb is THE source for Montreal info for out-of-towners

super long detailed posts that get you where you need to be when you're in town

jonnyb, what's up dude? long time, hope everything has been groovy. things down here have been decent, couple good outings but mostly been saving cash

Anyways, I've got a crew of crazy dudes headed your way (bachelor party). We don't have a specific wknd planned, just sometime b/f end of january. Any good stuff coming up in the next couple of months that i should shoot for?

thanks buddy, be good, lj

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Yo lj! how are ya man. Long fuckin' time.

Been a good boy since I came back from Barcelona and Ibiza. Guess I'm savin some money as well. Actually not savin'... just payin for those two weeks of nonstop party.

Dont know man... might be winter and all. That time of year you get into the cocooning mode. Guess I gotta stop clubbing and find meself a cute little girlfriend.

Check-out http://www.514productions.com/. Look for Celebration. It's the big new-year's eve party/rave.

We might not be goin' to Sona till december 21. Can you beleive that? Actually might go before but not with the whole pharmaceutical kit. Just dropin' by and sayin' hi. Ho! Fuck man... Mistress Barbara is spinnin' sometime soon. Not sure bout the date. Check Sona's website. Dont know if you've seen her sets? Pretty fuckin' sharp. The girl is out of control.

Havin' a look at that new place this friday: Sonic showroom [normal hours]

Right dude... keep me posted!


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you goin' friday or saturday?

Wow! check this out... Richie Hawtin tonight [friday] at Sona. You've also got Dimitri from Paris tomorrow in Sona's bar [till 3 o']. www.clubsona.com

I say Sona my man. I just checked out and there's nothin' happenin' at Aria anyway. Just the residents.

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