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if u had to choose one of these options.......


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probably me, girl and a guy.

alotta times me and my boyfriend have talked about another girl, and it almost happened one time. but i dont think i'd ever actually do it with someone i was dating. cause the thing is that i would get soooooo jelous omggg super jelous.

and the 2 guys thing, id love that one but my boyfrined i dont think would do that. lol

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i have done both, and i will say that i prefer the 2 girls and mua, much more fun, but you definetly can't do it with someone you're dating unless they're super cool cause it's just too much stress, cause of the jealousy, and if you enjoy the other one better, UGH!! RUN!

only if you're dating though.

single or just messin, it's pretty cool

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I'll have too jump in and say the obvious, 2 girls and me.

But I always realize that it's a give and take with the right people so I wouldn't rule anything out. But I am straight so if there is another guy, he will be there for her needs only.

I never understood how some guys could even get them selves in that kind of set up to start with. My hats off to them.

Girls how would you do it?

-pepper k

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