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lets have ...............


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Guest gabo

newbies are soo impatient. let clubkat take care of it, if she needs help she will ask for it.... You don't want it that soon lets wait and plan something great!

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lol thanx gabo..but it looks like lotsa people have already taken over this....well, if ya want a sex board meetup do it babes!!!


hehe.....it has to be really big in order to be named that. ;)

For a suck-sessfull meetup to work (one in which alot of people do show) ya have to take alot of factors under condsideration.

Please, bear with me, as I am already gathering info and dates........for "Shagfest 2!!!"


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Yeah - what she said! :)

Patience is a virtue...she organized a kick-ass one last time, and she'll exceed anyone's expectations with the sequel.

If you need any help cutie....let me know!

P.S. New naughty game from the ragga will be cummin soon - puts the nipple game to shame!! For the "hardcore" only ;)

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Guest gabo
Originally posted by SPYGIRL2

Anyone wanna go to a lounge...Float, Saci, Cheetah..I could probably arangge that....

Hey, whatever works is fly with me.,......:tongue:

No No No! you can't have the meetup in a big palce like that, cause people will spread out and you will never get to chill with any of the people you came to see. Plus lets try and keep it cheaper like a nice bar , then we can go out to a club. don't rush it or it will be like just any ol meetup. this has to be awesome... its the sex board!;)

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