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Alright i havent posted here in awhile but here goes...

Top 5 Trance (Full CD's\Sets)

05. Ibiza Euphoria CD 2... Mixes and Remixes by Matt Darey

04. Basic Instinct CD 2... Mixes and Remixes by Armin Van Buuren

03. In My Memory... Mixes and Remixes by DJ Tiesto

02. Live Club Eau 3/18/00... Mixes and Remixes by Armin Van Buuren

01. Tranceport... Mixes and Remixes by Paul Oakenfold

Top 5 Club (Singles)

05. Gladiator by DJ Tony Draper and Mada

04. Fantasy by DJ Domenick Capello

03. Sushi by The Moon

02. Where Do I Go by Rob Girellini

01. Hide You on Flight 643 by Kosheen and DJ Tiesto

Top 5 Vocals (Singles)

05. Silence by Delerium Vocal by Sarah Maclachlan

04. Rapture by Iio (A.K.A: Vaillo)

03. Cant Keep Me Silent by Angelic

02. Turning Out by Robbie Tronco Vocal by Corea

01. Stand Still by Aubrey

Tell me what you think of my list... its off the top of my head so if i missed something id like to know. In my opinion so dont trash the songs or their age!

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Originally posted by DJMikeE

i thought Mada worked with Draper on Pressure, not Gladiator?:confused:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Pressure with Draper and Mada.

By the way..

Do any of you have Fantasy by Capello, Gladiator by Draper, or Pressure by Mada & Draper?

If you do...

Could you, um, send it on my way?

I'd be, um, much obliged.. :D :D :D

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top 5's of the year

top 5 cd's


sister bliss-ministry of sound headliners 02

sander kelinenberg-GU Nubreed 01

dj tiesto-revolution

gatecrasher-discotech generation

top 5 club


delerium-innocente (deep dish gladiator mix)


saints+sinners-pacific high

faithless-muhammed ali (rollo and sister bliss love mix)

top 5 vocal

sister bliss-deliver me

simon-free at last (futureshock freedom mix)

johnny vicious-here with me


kosheen-hide u

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