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Top 15 from H-Town.


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Wassup Yo. I've never see any songs i recognize on this board. With the exception of the radio edit craps. Mainly cuz you peepz are up in the NY area. And i'm way down south hailing from Houston, Tx.

Anywayz, i wanna drop my top 15 list in here. Let me know if my sources are good/bad or old moldy cheese.

1. New Order - Crystal (Lee Coombs Remix)

2. Perfect Phase - Slammer Jammer (Nokturnal Club Mix)

3. Mekka - Diamond Back

4. PPK - Resurection (Nuff said...)

5. FloorFilla - Dance Floor Killa

6. Crazy Drummer - Rollercoaster

7. Morph - Maximum Overdrive

8. Norman Bass - How you like Bass

9. Massive - Who am I (Peter Rauhofer Mix)~Cheeze i know-Good 4 intro tho

10. MK6 feat. KK Project - Get Funky (Any Mix)

11. South East Players - Horny Drum Machine

12. Ocean Lab - Clear Blue Water

13. Amber - Yes (Illicit Mix)

14. Alligator - Whistle Song~Prolly played out by now...

15. Club Caviar - Game Over

No particular order...

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