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Exit Was Ridiculous!!!


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well what can i say....exit was totally insane tonight and sooooo ridiculous!!! if u didnt go u missed out on one of the phattest nights for real!!! ask anybody....Draper was insane on the tables!!! he played absolutely everything i could think of it was crazy!!! wow...and im still all krumped up i love it!!!!! lol.....it was great to meet new peeps too!!!!!! i met neon, rutgersgirl, meghan (thanks hun for using the list ), kaye angel, acid queen, mike d, exitstar001 and some others!!! good meetin u all!!!! and chilled with others like Peekhour and Maximus and we ripped it up!!!! yeah boyz!!!! !!! Draper played it all from Pressure to Rhythm Ready to Total Connection to Rotten to Celebration (sick song that someone has to send to me when i get back to school!!! and i heard tha best exit song i heard in a while that Draper dropped twice....insane song!!!! but ok im out but yea exit was phat as hell with the good ole normal crowd not as packed and great great music!!! I FUCKING LOVED IT!!! peace


yo richiexit i must of saw everyone tonight but u!!! lol its all good though.....

and go to www.exit2nyc.com for some exit id's i need including one of the best exit songs i ever heard!!!! insane song!!!! and tha playlist that i know of is on there too so go to that website and check it out!!! ok peace all

EXIT FRIDAYS ARE BACK BABY!!!!!!! :eek::tongue::eek::tongue:

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Yeah I heard that last week was one of the rare occasions that Draper tore the shit outta Exit with the music. I'm jealous. I wasn't there. I'm gonna be there this week though so we'll see. It doesn't matter much anyways though - Johnny Vicious. Need I say more??

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