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Organizing MP3 Collection


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How do you guys manage your collection. I have literally like 30 gigs of music and Some of it is just thrown around recklessly in folders with dates and no structure at all... Do any of you have any good programs that allow you to sort them.. Maybe print out track lists and stuff..

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what i do is this

when i get a new trak i put it into "new cd" folder.. after i rip it i move it into another folder called "new"

i made a folder for most of the popular producers.. i then put the trak into the producers folder. if it is a random i just put the trak into "other".. to do this just make the folders. then search

example. Find file : type in HEX then highlight all the trax and carry them into your new folder named hex hector

it might take sometime to set up.. but it is very organized.


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I do this

Get a couple of songs that day and Label the folder THE DATE so for example


then by the end of the week or month i put a bunch of hot traxx together and label them

10-20 - 10-27 ( for the week )


10-01 ( 10/ 2001 ) ( for the month )

hope that helps peece

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I categorize my folders by the source ie. ag, myplay, http, ftp, mailing list.

Then as I see which sources are more productive I start to narrow them down. For example, lets say I have ten mp3 site folders in my http folder. After a month, which ever sites have been releasing the better music, get more attention. The others get deleted.

There are a couple of programs out there that will find all the mp3s on our harddrive and catergorize them for you. download.com is a good start.

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