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Male or Female E hits


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I didnt know there was such a thing until this Friday.7 people was rolling.4 guys & 3 girls.All of us girls got sick to our stomach.Puking up, black outs while the guys was rolling face loving their pills.They are called Olympics.Females please do not take any pills called Olympics.

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Everyone has a limit to the amount of MDMA you can do before you puke.

Yes everyone. but the reason the girls puked is probabally because they are smaller than the guys. Yes body weight makes a big difference.

MDA the chemical cousin to MDMA is somtimes found in E (about 20% of the time) it tends to cause more nauseau than MDMA and makes for a longer more trippy roll.

did you have more visuals and less empathy than usual? Perhaps it was MDA or a mix of MDMA/MDA

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did these pills have 3 interlocking circles...casue if they did they are called biohazards and contain dxm....girls prob have a lower tolerance to it so thats why u got sick but i know a lot of my guy friends took these and they all got the same way that u just described

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yes they did have 3 interlocking circles.it was pressed in also if that helps.it didn't feel like dxm.anything else?my friend thinks he might have a extra one we bought hopefully he does.I want to send it in to dancesafe and see what is in the pill!

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