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Amsterdam ??

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I was just in Amsterdam about a month ago. DO go in the shops and ask around where the parties are at, usually something different going on every weekend. I didn't go to this place called Escape, but I was told it was good, but when i walked by, it seemed pretty shit, so you'll have to make you own decision where that's concerned. Amsterdamn is a good place to chill out, except for the fact that it is cold and wet, you feel it in your bones the cold, definitely go in the summer if you can.

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i agree with twilogoddess on this one: kremlin is the best club in amsterdam proper, and eau regularly books the talent which we'd have expected to see in twilo *sniff* *sniff*. just think paul van dyk, tiesto, armin van buuren, digweed, etc. etc. etc.

escape is pretty kick-ass, but only when they have chemistry (i think its saturday night). the rest of the time its just as weak as webster hall.

the real draw to amsterdam (aside from the obvious) is the one-off parties, which go on every night of the summer (and i don't know how often during the winter). For these you have to flyer at the record stores or clothes stores.

a good place to flyer is the 222 coffeeshop in the red light district (while you're there, try their white widow!) - though they put on parties also so expect them to be biased. the two guys i know that work behind the counter speak english, if you can get past the heavy dutch accent (amshtadaam) and they love to talk about the dutch scene and how they're working to improve it.

if one-off massives are your thing, they are usually postered all over amsterdam if you're lucky enough to be around when one of those is going on. i can't imagine too many of them will be on during the winter because of the poor weather. go for dance valley (www.dancevalley.nl) in august and you will have the time of your life.

oh yes - shrooms are legal there, ecstasy is not. you can buy shrooms at any head shop and at most coffeeshops. my first time i got mine from bulldog and they didn't work. this year when i went i got 'em from conscious dreams (they have 5 different kinds to choose from - intense, visual, funny, philisophical, etc. we got 'visual') needless to say they worked this time around.

have fun, be safe and come back with stories!


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I see you've already went and returned, hope you had a blast!

For other peoples information though, Rob gave some excellent FACTS about Amsterdam. One more club that I liked was the Mazzo. Its a tiny hole in the wall but the night called "bullet proof" is a solid night of Drum n Bass and Jungle which is very hard to find in the trance loving continent of Europe! Also in Amsterdam they plan the best parties in the beginning of the month and then they get progressively worse towards the end of the Month. Oh and if your a tourist don't show up with a pack of all guys or they'll hassle you at the door. Confidence and a tip goes a long way to get a traveler into the scene though, so don't give up!

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