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Originally posted by clubkat

the worst that could possibly happen is you getting some ass.


Well, from my own experience, I hooked up with a guy that had a girlfriend and he didnt even say he was breaking up with her. Exactly what clubkat said though, you will get a piece if ass! I say go for it!

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I think if you are not looking for anything but some ass from this girl than go for it. You just have to go into this with no expectations because any girl that would cheat on her man after being with him for 5-6 years obviously does not have that much respect for him so what does that say about her..

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Originally posted by atomicapples

if you liked a girl, but she had a man, a man for 5-6 years, and she told you if was almost coming to a end, would you mess with her????

shes mad hot....


Just do it...... I found thats the best way.... that way you know what is what, and you don't drive yourself crazy wondering .... thats the worse!!!!!!:mad: :mad:

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