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im 23 and never had "the talk"...

this is how i discovered sex:

1)i remember having a health class in 5th grade with little booklet showing how girl's breasts grow and pubic hair appears...and then it showed the boys pubic area.... so thats where i saw a penis for the first time

2) my friend found a porno in her brothers room when we were in 6th grade --- so we turned it on and it was right at the part where she was suckin the guys dick in a close up shot and then we watched the sex part

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I was in the car with my dad after registering for High School and all he said was "There's a lot of boys here and you're still a señorita (another term for virgin in latin cultures) and you have to stay a señorita until you get married!"

That's the closest I got to a sex ed. conversation with my parents.

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