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What do you take to pass a drug test?


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seriously... and from a pharmaceutical chemist am I ....

some suggestions....

first, it depends tremendously on what you have taken, and on the test you are to take (basic employment urine tests, or blood, or complex urine tests).....

the most nasty preventative, which does work many times, for urine tests (but will not set off a "high ph level" for urine tests) is something very simple....

go to a large grocery... and find, in the canning section, "liquid pectin" -- it's used to can jelly, etc. drink one package ... that's one one usually four packs in a box. It's nasty, and has the consistency of snot.. to be honest. why? here's the laymen's chemistry answer" pectin has a unique ability to overwhealm your kidney output, but keep our ph in balance. It will ONLY work if you use it 24-36 hours before. It works BEST with drugs that are FAT soluble (pot, etc).

It is hard to get down, but you have to take it straight (do NOT use juice!). It's not perfect, nothing is.

If you have taken, say, E, and you are an occassional user (< twice a month), 4 days and out you will likely test negative in most employment tests. LSD NEVER shows up in urine tests (no matter what they tell you). PCP won't show up after 5 days -- Ketamine rarely shows up as a false positive for PCP (and there is NO specific test for Ketamine, it can rarely have a false positive for PCP, but only within 12-20 hours of a huge dose). DXM only... and only... can show a false positive for PCP w/in 10-12 hours of a HUGE dose (1.5g or more). it does NOT show an opiate positive in URINE. Amphetamine (including E) you are clear within 4 days... flush with 3-4 liters of water in the days before...

but NOT w/in 12 hours, or your ph will be off and it will spark suspcicion.

There are NO perfect cleansers that will not affect your urine PH.

As for blood, that is a big problem. If the test comes up suspicious, they will likely do a GC/MS, and you will be found out. (but that is only for highly sensitive jobs such as law enforcement, pharmacists, commercial drivers, etc).

Best idea, at least 2-3 weeks clean...

Or, 1 to 1 1/2 clean of amphetamines (includes E, which is a synthetic amphetamine).

...words from the resident pharmaceutical chemist and PharmD.

== Rob

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