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Thanksgiving eve exit

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whats up everyone...happy thanksgiving.

all i have to say is it was jammed last night and all the bitches were lookin good. rdancer trancerxn and big art...you guys are my boys...party till we wanna drop and then some. special out to big at...nice hook up on young frankenstein.

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Yea Exit was ok Nothing out of the Ordinary, Met a few Old peeps here and there, saw glowstick spinner , Crazy MOFO That kid , and ofcourse my boyz godfatherbam, rdancer, trancerxn,

all in all i think vicious and Draper ripped that place apart, That Funk master flex shit was sooo fucking ANNOYING, I hate that shit soooo Fucking Much , I hate it with the passion anyway, i ran my ass to the red room as soon as it turned hiphop. as for Richie santana i dont think i heard him , or maybe i did briefly, and then ofcourse the end of the night with Jason Ojeda, which was kool and all kinda Tribaly, nothing amazing. otherwise it was a good night

The red room had a pretty good dj , Dj Jeff Magim ( i dunno if i spelled right) he was pretty good, other than that an ok Night.

peece arty

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