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To Club or Skate?

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No Means NO!! (SExxybabyd, Godfatherbam)


The Mod Squad (Godfatherbam, Trancerxn112, RDancer, Sexxybabyd)


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Why You Talkin To My Girl?? (Trancerxn112, Godfatherbam)


You Talkin To ME? (RDancer)

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Originally posted by godfatherbam

we had a good time....strange weekend though, all weirded out, different than the exit weird though.

lol u fell asleep when we were supposed to drink man lolz

I guess by not going out to exit everyone was jus bored and wanted to pass out, but me, mike, alan and nas played asshole and drank a little lol and then I buested the bottle of absolute lolz

woops but all in all it was a really fun weekend

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