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? about the denon mixers

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i own the 800 but i have yet to record on it....too lazy :(

from what i understand, the digital quality is better, but the x-effects dont work, or dont work correctly....i never use them anyway, so it wouldnt really affect me

i like the mixer personally.......


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I've got X400 - been using it for a month or so now... if you are familiar with Rane slider mixers, you'll feel right at home... the only difference I can think of is the cue assign layout... split cue rocks and practically once you get this mixer, you don't have to have a monitoring speaker blasting your head off... I also loove the crossfader sensitivity adjustment option, though lately i've been using more channel-fading technique instead of just crossfading... the filters are awesome!!!!!!!! when you take the bass/mid/treble all the way down, you really take it all the way down!!! the only minus I can think of is the crossfader assignment... before you switch the channels, make sure the channell you wanna switch FROM has the fader all the way down, if you don't do this it will come up blasting on the main after you switch to the desired one... other than that, its one hell of a mixer and i can certainly recommend it to you... it's pretty decent value for the money (Sam Ash sells them for like 399 or so...)

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