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Kuro - Shady Spotter comes through again!


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Remember that remix of Lovely Day you were asking about?

I think it's the "Bini & Martini Supa Bass Dub".

It's on a Sasha & Digweed Kiss FM set from November 3. I'm downloading the set now. But the tracklisting looks awesome. Even has that track Shed My Skin by D Note, a Scott Henry favorite these days.

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Originally posted by scratchapella

so KISS website wouldn't have the tracklisting for other regular shows roger sanchez or adam freeland? just the hardcore digweed fans. . .?

It's actually not the Kiss website. It's actually a site that's maintained by some psycho freak Digweed stalker in Canada, I think. Keeps it up to date every week. I personally think this dude needs to get a life, but I'm not gonna call him out on it cause he does everyone a great service by doing it. :D

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Originally posted by Kuro

THANK YOU. It's been stuck in my head for 4 fucking weeks. Now I just need to find the set. I've never used Audio Galaxy. How ya like it?

Audiogalaxy's money. In the past couple days, I've downloaded:

Sasha & Digweed Live at Bedrock on Kiss FM 11/2/01

Parks & Wilson Live on Kiss FM 10/13/01

Saeed & Palash Live from Andalu

Saeed & Palash Live from Montreal

Deep Dish Live on Kiss FM 11/10/01

Digweed Live from Space Ibiza 11/10/01

I can always find something I'm looking for on Audiogalaxy.

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