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List your favorite Acapella and Song that go together>>>


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i perosnally like hide you over that flight track by tiesto..... it sorta goes together.... but it really hit my ear... i liked it.... (it coulda been cuz i liked the "hide you" vocals...) i pretty much liked all of the remixes of hide you... :D

also stranger in my house and derb was put together.... it was OK... not terrible.... :D :D

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Guest saleen351
Originally posted by inyourdreams

omg speakin of which last night i heard Amber/Yes over Derb on ktu last night, HORRIBLE!!!!!!:puke:

kim english over Derb is sick, I'm getting my copy soon........I can't wait........

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i liked This Is the Last time over temptation as far as freetyle goes

SOmething in the way u make me feel over one more chance was always a favorite until they made an actual record of it....

i also like dropping "I like" over any hip hop beat

as far as house---

I always drop the speed me up acapolco over hard stuff....danny t's elements guy....

one i'm doing now im starting to like is SOmeone to Hold-veroncia over wicked behavior....goes very nicely

and johnny o's derb on earth is dope

Mike BuGouT

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The club mix of Icon of Coil's "We Need" fits perfectly over the interlude chord progression of Funker Vogt's "Horizon" which I found out to my surprise as I was mixing the two one night. Even the key sigs of the tunes fit together, but yet they couldn't sound more different when played separately.

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I really like Deborah Cox over Sandstorm. I hate sandstorm by itself, makes me cringe, but this white label mix i got off of AG is pretty fuckin good. it's the best mix of that song in my opinion. ANy of you know where i can get the acapella to Deborah Cox - Just Be Good To Me?

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I am just getting home from a club and the DJ dropped something compleatly insane!! He looped the begning of the Andrea Martin song "the more i love you"(just the percussion part), But as he was looping it he dropped the vocal of "I turn to you" over it...... It was insane...the place went nuts.....I know the accapella is a little old but it was still nice to hear that way...

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