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Anybody ever just wanna be........


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Anybody ever just wanna be totally outta their normal character??? Even just the slightest thing, the way you dress, talk, present yourself???

Personally I get these urges just be a complete looney toon(in a good way) when I am out with my friends, especially if we are having a great night out. Trouble can be fun!!!!:tongue:

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Sometimes I would wish that, like how would I be if I was an asshole instead of the Nice Guy. Like would I get more girls, would people fear me, would my reputation preceed me. If you could change your personality with a snap you would be a god. You would be perfect.

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I think some people switch into different modes, depending on where they are going to be.....Even if you change your appearance and so on, the real you will still exist. Having a reputation that proceeds you is not always a good thing, even if the rep is a great one. People place expectations on you, before they meet you, and in some way, shape, or form, you have live up to it.......IMO

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