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drugs n clubs PART 3

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K.....So all us CPers r chillin in the "crackhead corner" as it is being called @ vinyl and a few of us decide we would like some more goodies....so we gather up some $ and a friend of mine hooks us up & we buy 7 pills....the assholes that bouncers seem to be....grab my boy and wisk him away peacin his ass outta our lil luv nest and festive activites.....they let him back sayin that he can stay if he coughs up $20...nice lil extra change for ur pocket, ASS! So I go up to Trancend and tell him that every1 that got a pill has to chip in to acrue 20 beans so that my boy can stay....it's done, and with the true kindness of JoeG (who didn't even get one I may say) my hunny got to stay and all was cool....WTF is up with this dickhead bouncers who try to benefit from other ppls goodtimes...U KNOW UR ALL CRACKHEADS JUST LIKE US!!!!!!

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