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Too much Juice!

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i'm standing up! if a girl squirts, it means that she came, and there is nothing that feels cooler than being able to make a girl cum...that is such a powerful and hugely arousing feeling...like you are a capable man!

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Originally posted by fierydesire

Hmm...is there anything wrong with a girl who flows like buckets? Do you guys get turned on by it more or less?

I wouldnt say that a girl flowing buckets is a turn off...However, when a girls is flooding the bed its a little hard to get friction. I dont want to sound picky, but I prefer a woman who cums, but not too much. I need a balanced ammount of flowage.

But dont get me wrong...I would ANYDAY prefer a girl who flows buckets over a girl who feels like sandpaper...God, sandpaper, that sucks....

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