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Off topic: Fawked up dreams!

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The past couple of nights I've had the strangest dreams.

In one, I dreamt that a CP member's pet snake bit my foot and as I much as I tried to shake it off that damn serpent wouldnt' let go. All she kept saying was "don't worry it's not poisonous" while laughing at me. :confused: wtf??

The other dream I was cuddling up in a huge bed w/ another CP member (non-sexual) and feeling safe. Then I walk away and all of a sudden I'm feeding a shark inside a pool. I was tugging at it with a huge fish and before the shark attacked me I woke up.:(

I want my freaky sex dreams again where I'm being bathed by a handful of colorful sexy men.

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If you think that's weird... last night I dreamt that I was at an N'Sync concert. Yes, as if that wasn't bizarre enough, it gets even stranger! I jumped onto the stage with another girl and we started dancing, these Matrix-like moves where we defied gravity and hung in the air for a while. Then Justin was helping me off of the stage, we looked deep into each others' eyes and fell madly in love!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My first thought upon waking was WTF?!

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