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I'm a Bitch

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Loved or hated but never ignored. After dealing with BS for 2 years from a certain faction who hates me to death (no secret who that is), I really don't care anymore. No one will understand the full story. Because (aheem) incomplete messages and shit talking is always a great way to try to dig someone a grave. Can I be a complete bitch? Yes. Am I a fighter? Yes. Do I get my job done? Yes. Personal shit aside.

Insult me on every level -- call me bitch, whore, stupid, nasty whatever, make fun of my body and stuff you have no idea about.

Guess what? I'm not leaving. Blame me for the reason why people won't do business with you. And say I am talking shit about you and all that, but guess what? Again, at least I have said it to your face. More than anyone else.

Publicize my private messages. Try to look defenseless. If you wanna post personal back-and-forth hate emails and messages we'll be here all day.

No one is totally without blame in all this. Believe whatever you want, my opinions were not formed over night. The way I have dealt with certain factions is because of past experiences.

Well, the word PRIVATE MESSAGE has taken on a new meaning. If you want me to apologize for offending people with a private message that I wrote to someone who I have talked to many times before, then sorry to drag you into my private world. For a great while now I have refrained from posting comments about these factions on this board, where they have not done the same.

My reaction may not have been professional but it meant to be private and was not without provocation.

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Originally posted by deanna11


..., i'm a lover

i'm a child, i'm a mother

i'm a sinner, i'm a saint

i do not feel ashamed

i'm your hell, i'm your queen

i'm nothing in between

i shoot H and smoke crack

everyone other dayyyyy

:laugh: Why did I have the gut feeling you were going to do that??? :laugh:

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