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Positive vibe posts, "much love goes out to..."

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After all the fuck you posts and the negativity, I thought I'd create a positive vibe with posts going out to much love...

Much love goes out to - J.B., life is precious and unfair. However, you lived it to the fullest everyday, may you watch over us... to borrow the words of another cp member, "live fast and die young, its better to burn out than fade away!" rip brotha!

Much love goes out to - my friends, you know who you are, some of the best people in the world at my back 24/7, drama free (most of you, haha) and lovin' life... may we all grow old together!

Much love goes out to - my Boston crew, the Red Sox suck and so does the 2am closing time up there, but for the short time I've known you's it has been one hell of a time... lookin' forward to another road trip soon!

Much love goes out to - my family, you've been putting up with my madness 'n mayhem since I was 15 and you still love me for who I am... that says a lot! sis you've got the patience of a saint and I promise that everytime I call, I'm not calling to ask for something!

Much love goes out to - my nephew Nino, you're almost 4, cute as can be and you're more of a terror than I ever thought you'd be... you remind me of me!

Much love goes out to - every good dj that has spun a track, without you and your love of music, life wouldnt be the same!

Much love goes out to - Junior Vasquez at Twilo, although I'm not gay, I thank you for those legendary after hours sets that took my mind into another dimension for hours!

Much love goes out to - New York's finest who lost their lives in the name of freedom: the NYPD - the FDNY and to all the emergency medical services, today I am more proud to be an American than I ever have been before... God bless!

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