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In Honor Of Apples:

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I would just like to take a time out, and say that underneath all those random posts, and crazy jokes... There lies a great man, with an even greater heart... He's always here for you whenever you need him, and when hes not thats when hes there for you... He the first one to help you out or stick his hand out to help you, and the last one (if ever) to knock you... for as long as Ive known him, hes been a great friend, and a even better confidant... and I hope for every person hes come in contact with I hope you all get to know him, even a 1/4 as much as i do... b/c youll never meet another guy like this... I think tupac said it best "youre appreciated, and keep your head up!!!"



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Originally posted by atomicapples

marko is a kind man, and quiet man. he lives in a forrest not to far from austin. once in a while he rides his back horse named oouttie. he has a big heart, but with a bigger foot.

You both are two amazing creatures...if I do say so myself...and Barslut...Don't know him, but he seems to keep good company!

Let me just say the three of you are lucky to have one another! It's always good to know when life's got you down, there's always someone that is there ready to put a smile on your face, get some TBell, and talk about yo momma's tits.;)


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Originally posted by fineones

i happen to know all three of these fine genitalman...and all id like to say is ......thanks for the strenght to walk again


Just call me BIG DADDY KANE! (along with those other pet names you have for me booster)

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