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hahahaa... read this shit...

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Beefcake Sal: go for it.

i<3marcid21: should i really fuck a man?

Beefcake Sal: why not... youre going to eventually...

Beefcake Sal: right?

i<3marcid21: thanks

i<3marcid21: lol

Beefcake Sal: lol

i<3marcid21: thanks fucked up

i<3marcid21: lol

Beefcake Sal: stop it.

Beefcake Sal: whats wrong wth being gay?

Beefcake Sal: im gay.

Beefcake Sal: lol... okay... and river doesnt run through mississippi.

the dude is really gay... he likes barslut...

conversation between me and DG

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Im not gay though , i know apples is , DG just does it cause hes a pretty boy and he like the feeling of diesel jeans on his crotch. I do have video tape footage of apples admiting is absolute gayness , ill make mpeg's of it if you guys want.

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