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do you guys think..

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Depends on the type of relationship you want to have, if it hasn't lasted a long time and you just want to have fun, make sure he knows your feelings and give in to your lust, if that's what you want..but if you're looking for something more meaningful..yeah, you have to really like them, and once you develop deeper feelings for someone, those petty stupid things you didn't like about them in the beginning won't be an issue..or at least not as much as it would have been.

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Originally posted by somebitch

you really need to like someone to be with them??

ok well the thing with me is... i dont hook up with just anybody... idk y... but i wont just kiss someone for the hell of it... i mean, almost every single guy i kiss, just KISS, ends up being something more... i can never just hook up with a guy and leave it at that... i guess like goin out and partying or whatever, i just wont hook up with anyone... rather than hook up and have it be just that... its weird, like, i dont wanna kiss someone unless theres something there thats more than just a physical attraction... maybe that has a lot to do with my virginity... idk.. cuz if im that picky with just kissing someone, then im gonna be that much more reserved when it comes to sleepin with someone.

does this make any sense??

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