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Gather 'round Kids, It's Story Time!!!

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another boring friday nite, with nothin to do. i called up this girl i know to talk a little, pass the time. after some bs'in back and forth...suddenly the topic of being horny came up. and we both agreed that we both were horny. she told me my voice sounded so sexy thru the phone, and i thought hers did too. she described what she was wearing...and not wearing. she told me she was touching herself, and the thought of that made me hot. she was describing to me how she was playing with her clit...and thinking about my hard cock. i couldnt help it, i too began to touch myself. i told her how hard my cock was and how it yearned for her sweet pussy. she began to moan a little from her self-pleasuring. my hand glided over my throbbing cock a little faster, up and down my shaft. our phone sex went on for a few more minutes, but we just couldnt take it anymore. she said she was bored with phone sex, and wanted me to come over and fuck her for real. well, i jumped in my car, still sportin wood, and sped over.

i got to her house, she told me to just come right in. i went in and ran up to her room. there she was lying on her bed, she still had her hand down her panties, fingering herself to bliss. i jumped on the bed and put my hand down her panties along with hers. as she rubbed her clit, i put my fingers in her warm pussy. she let a moan out. then with her other hand she reached over and unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock and began to stroke it. we kissed passionately while our hands pleased each other's privates. then she undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them off. she licked around the head of my cock, then wrapped her lips around my shaft and sucked slowly. i watched as her lips ran up and down my throbbing member. she used her hand to rub my balls, while her mouth vigerously worked on my cock. she ran her hand up my shaft, then back down followed by her lips. then she licked up and down my shaft and my balls. it felt so good, and i moaned with pleasure. she put my cock back in her mouth, and began to work it again. this time she sucked faster. i could feel an orgasm approaching, and i grabbed the back of her hair while her head bobbed up and down on my dick. i thrusted my hips into her face, and she took my cock farther down her throat. my body tensed up, and i clenched the sheets, and blew my load. my hot cum oozed from my hard cock, and down her throat. she swallowed every little bit, and then came back up and gave me a warm wet kiss, i could taste myself.

i pulled her up so she was sitting on my face, and i began to lick her warm pussy lips. i grabbed her hips and played with her clit with my tongue. i sucked and nibbled on her hot little clit, making her squirm. then i stuck my tongue inside her, and again she let out a moan of pleasure. i kept licking her inner walls while her juices flowed into my mouth. her pussy tasted like sugar, and smelled like flowers. she squirmed more and more, and thrusted her hips as my tongue worked away on her pleasure zone. she grabbed her own breast as she felt that tingle between her legs. she began to moan louder and louder. i played with her ass as i licked her wet pussy. she leaned back still grabbing her breast as she started to climax. she yelled "Oh my god!! oh my god!!" then she came, all her sweet juices flowed from her warm caverns onto my tongue. she fell back and layed down, out of breath.

i jumped on top of her and told her i wasnt done. i turned her over and stuck my once again hard cock in her pussy. i pounded her from behind, while i leaned over her back and grabbed her tits. she reached back and grabbed my ass, pushing me closer to her. she begged to be fucked harder. i thrusted my throbbing cock in and out of her, faster and faster. we both moaned as we fucked. she began playing with her clit with her hand while my cock fucked her sweet tight pussy. she began to yell again..."OMG, OMG, Gary, fuck me fuck me harder!!!" i kept on thrusting into her as hard and as fast as i could. i began to moan louder and could feel my 2nd orgasm approaching. i kept on bangin this wet little girl, and busted my load again into her hot pussy. at the same time, she let out a long moan and she came all over my hard throbbing cock.

she turned around and sucked my cock again so she could taste her juices on it. she licked my cock clean and we both layed on the bed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

when we woke up this morning, we looked at each other and had only one thing on our mind....we wanted to fuck again....

to be continued....

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Originally posted by randall16

damn gary you are a good writer....fuck psych....go for writing..:)

uhhhhh...yea, our class would be called sociology, not psych, randall. i see u were payin just as much attention as i was.

i think i am a pretty good writer...i got an "A" in both my writing classes my first year in college. :tongue:

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Originally posted by vision

of course its made up lol

who the hell calls their dick a 'member'?

good story..gave me a chubby

thats' what happens from readin too many Playboy Forum stories, hehehe. i dont wanna use the same word for cock over and over again, i try to make it interesting. but cock is def my word of choice.

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