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Mistress Barbara on Radio 1

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Originally posted by chynado11

so do u have a tracklisting for it?/



I'm sure I can find one, but it's all techno songs that most of us wouldn't recognize the names of. I'll look anyway.

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Essential Mix - 27/01/02 - Misstress Barbara

B-Faktor - 'Make Me Cry' (You)

Trevor Rockcliffe - 'Doitrite' (Bush)

Haktan O'Nal - 'Bedford Sheet' (4:Twenty)

Gaetano Parisio - 'Chapter Five' (South Soul)

Ingo Kunzi + Andre Forrer - 'Karuma On Y Va (Alex Flatner Remix)'(Gekko)

Andy Slate, Alexander Koning & TBK - 'Twisted Samba' (Zync)

Marco Carola - 'Effective'(Zenit)

Rino Cerrone - 'Optical Way (Misstress Barbara Remix)' (Relentless)

Paul Mac - Elvis Beats '(Ben Sims REMIX)'' (Stimulus)

Gaetano Parisio - '19-99' (Drumcode)

Rino Cerrone - 'Convert Filter' (Terminal)

Davide Squillace - 'Appendix B' (Appendix)

Markantonio - 'Analytictrail' (White Label)

Green Velvet - 'La La Land (Zzino VS Filterheadz REMIX)' (MusicMan)

Agoria - 'Radio City' (UMF)

Andrew Richley + Ryan Rivera - 'Bad Taste' (Primate)

Andrew Richley + Ryan Rivera - 'Nanno Machines' (Rotation)

DJ Hansz - 'Hanszloop 1' (Body Art Form)

Jeff Mills - 'Mighty' (Purpose Maker)

Jeff Mills - 'Dynamic' (Purpose Maker)

Stanny Franssen - 'Data String' (Genetic)

Joey Beltram - 'Slice' (Bush)

Gaetano Parisio - 'Chapter Three' (South Soul)

Gaetano Parisio - 'Conform' (White Label)

Gaiden - 'Point Blank (Speedy J Remix)' (MusicMan)

Sharpside - 'Space Cruising' (Rotation)

Ben Sims - 'Symbolism' (White Label)

Paul Mac - 'Extranamente Familiar' (Stimulus)

Misstress Barbara - 'Effet Karma' (Relentless)

Danilo Vigorito - Unknown (Ante Zenit)

Umek - Jericho (White Label)

Jamie Anderson - 'Latin Energy (Michel De Hey & Literon Remix)' (Artform)

Midfield General - 'Coatnoise (Dave Clarke Remix)' (React)

Maru Part I LTD. - 'Samuel Session' (Drumcode)

Misstress Barbara - 'Talk To Me' (Relentless)

Tiga & Mateo Murphy - 'TGV' (Turbo)

Marko Beyer - 'Looped House Tools Vol. 2' - (Looped House Tools)

The Hacker - 'Fadin' Away (Dima Remix)' - (React)

Adam Beyer - 'Patches' (Planet Rhythm UK)

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Originally posted by chynado11

thanks kuro...that was fast LOL..

I remembered that Radio 1 always puts up the track list for the essential mix on their site. Turns out that I bought the very first song in her set two days ago and didn't know it because I missed the begining of the show. I think that I must do nothing today but mix.

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