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Chris the Greek...

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My boy was tellin me about a track "calling all angels"....and i found it on AG by Chris the Greek along w/ like 6 other hottttttt vocals...anyone know how old these are???? if u dont got 'em check this shit out...tranza i'm sure u can clue me in...hehehe

-Nikki Hasselman - Calling all angels

-Space Channel 5 - Mexican Flyer

-Cyprus - Only love can break your heart

-Diana Fox - Running on empty

-Tony Mascolo - Hit me harder

-Dancefloorkiller - Floorkiller

-MG - Aphrodisiac

peeeeeace :tongue: :tongue:

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong.....:tongue:

but I'm almost positive the 2 most recent are only love and calling all angels......

only love was getting alot of play on LI radio over the summer....early on

Calling all angels I THINK was late summer or fall.......I THINK.

Sorry.....best I could do for help on the topic....:D

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