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"Pimpin' Cupid"

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heehee, look at this email i got, it's so cute. should i do it? it's so sketchy, though, giving out friends' emails. you're supposed to list your friends' email addresses that you think listed you.

Someone *you know* likes you. And they've

come to us to admit it.

Here at TheSpark.com we launched a web site that is

revolutionizing crushes, dating, and affection. At

least it makes the whole thing a little easier and a

lot more exciting. And it's not so *serious*.

The way it works is simple:

Come to our site and list the people you know with

whom you'd like to go on a date, just for fun. If

you pick someone who picks you, you get notified.

You might match today - you received this e-mail

because someone has already chosen you for their



-Pimpin' Cupid

PS: Of course, you can opt to not receive an e-mail

like this again, even if another person lists you. Come

to http://cupid.thespark.com/remove.mpl if that's

how you feel.

--------------start theSpark.com secret message-------------






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Dude don't do it, those things are a PAIN in the ASS... first of all, anyone you guess, even if it is someone you don't like, will get an email saying the same thing you just got. Then if they guess you you're stuck explaining that you don't really want them. Besides they will email you forever with that garbage. Besides, do you really want to deal with someone who's so bad at communicating they won't tell you they're interested? Take it from me (right Chyna?) that is NOT good news lolz

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it's bullshit i tell you; simply a marketing scheme to steal y'all's email addreses so they can sell'em and shiite! like vixen said, they'll just keep emailing you forever...

i think i got one from Jennifer Love H... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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