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Computer stuff... (lcd screen)

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Alright i am hoping there are some computer pro's out there that can give me somewhat of a hand...

You see i am trying to get rid of my lap top because the only thing it would be useful for is parts since i broke the internal ac adaptor thingy....the thing is i really dont no the value of the each individual piece i am trying to sell...

This man emailed me asking me how much i was asking for the lcd screen from the lap top... hmm does anyone no a decent price for a screen that is pretty much in perfect condition? I mean a new one would go for about $450-500 bux for the same model Compaq lap top i have... :confused:

Another Q... How easy is it to remove the screen so that I dont have to give him the whole lap top just for that part?

AHHH pleaseeeeeeeeeee help?!?!?!?.... :monkey:

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