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I need advice on sex...

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me and my b/f just started having sex about a month ago, and it was all good, but recently I haven't been able to get an orgasm, and for the past like 5 times we've done it, I haven't had one. He also can't get it up as much, are these things we need to worry about ?

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Ok you started a month ago....and the past 5 times you havent orgasmed ::how many times has it been?:: and when you try, he cant get it up sometimes ::im assuming its only been 5 times in that case:: :eek:

Hun, you dont need to worry about the sex as much as you need to worry about each other. Experiment!! ::keyword:: Bad sex is not only one persons fault. :blown:

I suggest lotsa foreplay before play......tons of it.

Sucking, licking, biting, teasing, rubbing, touching, tasting......EXPERIMENT!!!! Get to know each others bodies....im pretty sure that as soon as you have....the sex ::and his hardons:: will in no time CUM! ;):D:):tongue:

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