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SF's Like a Prayer\Luz Divina Tracks\Manufactory

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I know this has been posted before (Sorry) but it has been around 5-6 months since these tracks were dropped and no sign of them being released any time soon.

Does anybody have any information on when these tracks

Luz Divina - In your eyes

Luz Divina - Into you

Luz Divina - So in Love with you

Madonna - Like a Prayer(Sf version)

Jim Heinz - Manufatory(I know this is new)

may be released or if they are going to be released at all(which would really suck)?


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Bush made Manufactory and it will most likely be on his new cd as well as Going Throught It (No Luz tracks will be on it) ..WMC Sunshine mix will be on it as well.. March is the release date, lets see if it gets pushed back again..

You wont find full versions of any of the songs I dunno why people still ask.. When it comes around everyone will know about it..

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