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Was She Flirting?

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k, im gettin my haircut this morning. the same girl always cuts my hair. i show up, i didnt have an appt, she wasnt expecting me. this is also the first time i went to get my haircut by this girl without lina. now this girl is like 4 yrs older than me so anyway, she's in sweats...hair pulled pack..looks like she just woke up. she cuts my hair..i was talkin to her the whole time..we were bs'in back and forth bout school, work, blah, blah, blah. while i got the bleach sittin in my hair, she starts puttin make up on, then she puts her hair down. i wasnt thinkin much of it. then she goes to get more peroxide or somethin, and when she comes back she's not wearin her sweatshirt anymore, just a tight little t-shirt. plus i could easily see her nipples thru this shirt.

do u think she was tryin to show off/impress me? or am i just overreacting/wishfully thinking? i mean the girl is HOT!!! :eek:but i dont really think im her type..idk. maybe im just a horny guy thinkin this girl wants me, or maybe she was tryin to flirt? wut do u guys think?

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speaking as a stylist.....what kind of salon is it? like do all the stylists wear sweats??((i never heard of that ...but it is valid~~>))

if it is a VERY casual place..then she was prob getting a lil done up for u....but if it is a respectable salon with a dress code...and it was early in the morning..well then..she was probably getting ready for work! LOL....so...hope this helped

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THe last time i went for a haircut dude which was exactly 2 weeks back .. the girl who was cutting my hair .. first of all DAMM SHE IS HOT!!!

a jewish hot looking girl

Well first i told her how i want my hair done and then after few mins the first thing she asks me

WHats your age?

and im like huh

all of the sudden wtf is she asking me cause i was looking at her boobee's duh the mirror was infront and i told her my age !!!

and then the thing i ask her name ....

well then we started talking ... a very chilled out person ..

she even asked me if im goin out or not .. yes i told the truth fooking mistake but its all good .. in the end i wanted to give me number but something stoped me ..

well now i cant wait for my hair to grow back so i can go to her !! haha

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