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Since DT is the man right now here are some sick tracks he has been banging the last 10 months not all of them though.......enjoy..let me know what you think..i put this on a CD in this order...

1)Circuit Breaker (John Creamer and Stephane K mix)

2)I wish you were here(John Creamer and Stephane K)..

nice 8:40 length the best mix..

3)Waiting (John Creamer and Stephane K)Nat Monday..

still like this song

4)The Underground (John Creamer and Stephane K Remix)Celeda..

deep and dark nice

5)Plasmids [Oscar And Space Miami Mix] Tata Box Inhibitors

..makes me feel like at vinyl when i here this song..

6)The Dj Music and Me- Lula


7)Addicated To Bass(John Creamer and Stephane K mix)Puretone

...no joke Danny Tenaglia played a 45 min mix of this song at space in miami jan5 2002..and it put chills down my spine..love when that happens..

8)i love you-John Creamer and Stephane k.mp3..

12:51 length mix is the one to download..

...don't let the name of this song fool you..sick ass song..when it drops you'll feel like your at the sound factory...awesome...

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it seems you like Creamer, but the ONLY track on there, that he has been ROCKING every Friday, is Waiting and the occasional break out of Addicted to Bass.;)

Yeah it's a nice list, but its way outdated for the sounds he has been playing now and lately and even over a 10 month period, he didn't rock the shit out of those tracks.

how about...

Safe From Harm

Walking on Fire

Black Powder


Dont You Want Me

I Feel Loved

Africa (some crazy remix)

Which Doctor (heard him drop it 3 times now)

His constant sampling of Elements

there are too many to name, but these are the songs the board will recognize. :D

if you want more DT playlist tracks, drop me an AIM. (that goes for anyone) :D

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i said some of the songs not all of them..about 4 of them he has been rocking for the last 10 months..i know i heard them a few times..i'm sure he is not playing them every week..regardless i put those tracks on a CD in that order i'm pretty happy..i figured i share it.. and your right i am feeling john creamer right now..thanks for the cool reply...later...

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they didn't do a remix of i wish you were here...it's an original track...but the 16b mix is much, much better IMO...how omid looped "i wish you knew how much i wish that you were here with me"...only song ever to send chills down my spine...

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