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<3~~d. Brigante~~<3

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My foundation is wrought

I tried and truly

Thought I was to vanish

My departutre is furrowed

I stood in the room

Shaking in my boots

But that particular time love,

It challenged me to stay

At that particular moment

I knew not to run away again

At that particular month,

I was ready to win this

With you,

At that partiuclar time

I thought a break would be good

For four months we sat

And felt slated

We thought a small time apart

Would clear out the doubts

That were abounding

At that partiuclar time love,

It encouraged me to wait

At that particular moment

It helped me to be patient

At that particular month,

We needed time to marinate

And what a step....

At that particular time

I've always wanted for you

What you've wanted for yourself

And yet I wanted to save us

I wanted your help

And I kept on ignoring the ambivelence you felt

And in the meantime I lost myself

I'm sorry I lost myself

I am......

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