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Do Girls Like To Grind On The Dance Floor!!!

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Originally posted by sonicinfusion

I hate that .. a guy grinding a girl on house progressive or trance music !!! it looks fuckin stupid

Exit Style

what do u guys think about it!!!

Dude i feel the same way!! It just doesn't look right.

As a guy, i don't even want to grind on a girl when dancing to house or trance. I'm all sweaty and its just not the type of music you bump hips to.

i dunno, just my .02

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Dry humping and grinding are two different things.

I think grinding to hip hop is cool. But to house and shit like that it looks retarded.

But when people take it overboard with the grinding it gets out of hand and starts lookin a little retarded.

Grinding to hip hop is aok with me though. Anytime ladies;)

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I don't like dancing with other people to begin with. I feel like it stops me from moving how I want to move. I certainly don't want to be grinded on, and especially not on the house or trance floor. Maybe once or twice a year on the hip hop floor, but I find it hurts my quads too hehehe. But if you're thinking about doing it you damn well better ask me first or you're gonna get a nice elbow to the ribs. If any guy thinks that's really bitchy, consider how you'd feel if another guy came up behind you and rubbed himself all over you so he can get off on it... :blank: It's pretty unpleasant, folks...

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