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The War on Drugs is illegal

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There is no war on drugs. Only Congress can declare war. If you get caught buying, selling, or using drugs, tell the judge that you do not support drug laws.

We needed a Constitutional Amendment to ban alcohol right?

Since there is no war, drug laws are illegal. Since there are no laws regulating the drug trade, anyone buying, selling or prosecuting people for using drugs is practicing lawlessness.

The DEA is an illegal terrorist organization.

Someone should sue the U.S. government.

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the 'war on drugs' was stupid from the get go..they should spend that money to educate people on the facts of drugs and advertise that..make the shit legal (except the hard shit obviously) and tax the hell out of it..and spend the extra cash on decent rehab for people that want to quit but cant for whatever reason...

just my 2 ¢

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