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feminine deodorant spray

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i wasn't aware that this product was still on the market.

i was just in the ladies room and when i walked in, i smelled a familiar smell......one i have always suspected came from one very overweight woman. this time was one of those times that i smelled the smell, but i didn't know anyone was in the stall next to me until i heard a spraying sound from an aerosol can. then i smelled a smell wafting up from the stall next door.........a smell of floral feminine deodorant spray.....and bad feminine hygiene. like someone who skipped their shower to shower that day - and the day before and possibly the whole week. i was pretty grossed out. i had to hold my breath, finish my business, bust outta there and pretend to wash my hands and then bolt out the door. i know for certain that it was who i thought it was because she left her makeup bag on the counter.

i really wish that a) i didn't know this and B) i hadn't smelled that and i also bet that c) you wish you hadn't read this!

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