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Does anyone find the fact that a OZ of Gold is currently $298.00 and people are spending the same amount on herb...imagine how much cash u would have if u spent the $ on gold rather then bud...

edit: no wonder its so goddamn profitable to grow it...goddamn...i had a friend that grew skunk\N Light hybrid and it cost him like $20-45 a plant for all the shit it needed to grow a few OZ of sick sick bud...u spend $50 on a plant that produces even 3 or 4 oz and u sell the oz at 250...u can make a few grand off a small investment..of course with the obvious risks...

im in the wrong business..


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Wooooooo Hooooooo.........new uptown spot for me!!!!

Chocolate Thai-20$ 2/1/2 g's...they are checking on the price of an oz for me.If you know about those lil candy stores you know that they just hire some ass to work the store.

Hydro-20$ 1/1/2 g's

Mid Grade Greens 20$ 7 g's

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my dalivery service give 2 grmas for 60 (stright up amsterdam quaility.

or i can get onces of canadian from a friend for 300-400

damn, I wish my friend never moved from NYC, I havent seen stuff that good since

does someone from NYC want to be my friend and let me come over to buy some?

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