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Boston's Hip-Hop Scene

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Originally posted by metafriction

Is there such a thing?

If so, where da party at?

Its pretty hard to find . probably the last big hiphop party was at Vincent's (randolph) but that stopped like, what 3 years ago? My friends that used to go there now trek down to Providence to Jovan's. (spell check). there are some places that have hiphop in the "downstairs" or "side rooms" -- the exchange, Vertigo (saturday nights) and another place in fanueil hall (the place where they have the infamous scorpian bowls, but i cannot remember the name but i heard its pretty "ghetto") my friends went to Whiskey Park on saturdya night and they told me that all they were playing was hiphop but i think they usually mix it up (with house and techno)

granted there could be some new things tht have popped up (moved from boston a year ago) but if its hiphop in boston you have to go searching or get creative.

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The best hip-hop I've heard so far in the city (and I don't go looking for it, so I found it by chance) was at Au Tua Nua. The DJ spun a good mix of new and old hip-hop and from what I could tell was using records (as opposed to CDs that you find a lot of bars using).

If you're going to Whiskey Park to look for hip hop ummm.... "Wear lots of Gucci and bring your Visa card. Because at Whiskey Park, they don't take scrubs... and they don't take American Express" :D

That place is nice... but a little too nice for me right now. I think I'll be more into chomping cigars and throwing back Belvedere martinis in 5 or 6 years... as for now, where's the party at??

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