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Fatboy Slim remix

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I am listening to the mp3 as I type this...the original song is great but Fatboy's remix is AMAZING...he gets a bad rap from some people for being too commercial but he really knows how to take a song and give it a whole new life with his remixes. I'm looking forward to picking up Timo's new disc when it comes out b/c I like what I've heard so far.

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I used to hate on Norman Cook (aka fatboy slim) for being commercial much the same way i said moby and the chemical bro's sold out, same with prodigy and crystal meth.od.

Out of those, I would have to say Cook and the Chem Bros are still dope and still represent the underground as best they can dealing with major record labels and mass worldwide audiences...

Have yet to hear any of them spin but the Chem Bros Afrika was slamming, and for what he must do, Norman Cook does it in style. Props to anyone who can walk the fine line between selling and selling out.


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