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Cub culture survey

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Hello !! I am hoping you will help me with some research I am conducting on club culture.

I know it is a bit long but this for my final year dissertation, please spare me five minutes.

If you do not want to answer in a public forum, send answers as a private message or e-mail to [email protected], or you could cut & paste and answer them later!

If there are any questions, please ask!

Following are 22 statements (a-v) which i would like your personal attitude towards, providing you believe a club culture exists.

Please give your answers on a scale of 1-5

1- Dissagree strongly, 2- Disagree, 3-Neither agree nor disagree, 4- Agree, 5- Strongly Agree

a)I live for the moment

b)Developments in the media have influenced club culture

c)All clubs are the same

d)Superclubs (Cream, Ministry of Sound, Gatecrasher, Home, Twilo) have lost touch with reality

e)The music within club culture has the smae impact on me as it always has

f)Accurate information on club culture is readily available

g)I do not take life seriously

h)Club culture will last another 13 years

i)Club culture is experienced equally by men and women

j)Club culture is heterosexual

k)A persons ethnic origin will determine a positive experience of club culture

l)Club culture is not politically orientated

m)A person from the working class may not enjoy their experience of club culture in the same way as someone from the middle class

n)An individuals religion will distance them from club culture

o)Club culture is distanced from reality

p)Ecstasy enbles an escape from reality

q)There is on theory to explain all social life

r)The media present a distorted image of club culture

s)Club culture can be split into many different musical genres, but no one is dominant

t)There are no social constraints in club culture

u)Variety will be an important factor in the continuation of club culture

v)Club culture cannot keep reinventing itself

Thank you so much for your time

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