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Girls... What style do you like to see guys in?

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Originally posted by notallthere

GQ , dkny type look?

Acrombie and fintch look... ruff neck

Gap preppy

Nutty brad pit fight club mixed retro style

Homey wigger look

Dirty i dont care look

Nsynce almost girls clothes look

-None of the above...:rolleyes:

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I know there are other styles these are just the ones i made up that came to mind\

magilicuti, I here the jeans thing , you whering a sports coat? you could go for the sienfield look. heh heh j/k

Nursegrow, What style then? let me guese the bin laden look? jeeest kidden as well.

Speaking of clothes i wore kakis to work today and justs pilled coffe on my pants i wanna die .

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I'm pretty sure girls like the "I just rolled out of bed" look... it shows confidence that you can walk around like that - and girls like confidence:shaky:

Actually... I go for the Kenneth Cole, DKNY look when I'm at clubs. Otherwise, it's jeans and a t-shirt or sweater (depending on the weather).

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