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sex stories ..read this =)

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i first posted this on the new york board by accident..ooops..


ok this is SO random..

But, I just got out of my Sex Law class and our prof wants us to right a 3-5 page paper on the most ridiculous sex stories we have ever heard(in so many words)...i think he just wants to make his students look like fools interviewing people...

BUT...he doesn't want like "oh i 69'd her in my kitchen" stories....

he basically wants opinions of people and how sex has changed through the years..and where else to go to then this board for help =)

so if u guys can help me out!! I"D SOOOO APPRECIATE IT!!!

these are the topics i want to cover..so if you guys wanna reply...it will be fun...hey might learn some new things from your friends haha

my topics:

Question 1: The best public place u had sex? Ever fear of getting caught? Any clue to what the law says about it?

Question 2: What do you think of public displays of affection?

Question 3: Biggest myth you heard about sex.

Question 4: What if i told you blow jobs are illegal in new jersey? how would u feel?

thanks guys for heping!!!



bouncey bouncey

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