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Fun House setlist from last week

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In case any of you are even remotely interested, this is what I played last week:

SET 1:

Cage Decay - "Detroit Fist (Fetish Mix)"

Imperative Reaction - "Rift"

Rowland the Bastard - "Chemical Generation"

Aden Jay - "Detonation"

DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - "Access"

DJ RIP - "Revolution of House Music"

Front Line Assembly - "Dead Planet"

E-Craft - "Embryonic"

DJ Amok - "Video Game Junkie"

Marco Bailey - "White Inferno"

Funker Vogt - "Buried Alive"

Black Spider - "Save Your Life (Great Pain Mix)"

Lunatic Asylum - "Meltdown 2000"

Nick Sentience & Tim Healy - "Make Your Body"

SET 2:

God Module - "Illusion (Fortified Remix by Siechtum)"

DJ Amok - "Apocalypse part 3 - Symphony of Doom"

Jugend Staat - "Trample"

Wumpscut - "Opening the Gates of Hell (Dräcos Edit)"

E-Craft - "Cybernetic Intelligence"

DJ Amok - "Gemetzel (2001 Rework)"

Bulldozer Project - "The Children of the Core"

Marshall Masters - "Master Anthem"

Ministry - "NWO (New World Breakbeat Mix by Dräcos)"

SET 3:

Marc Acardipane - "Today, Tomorrow, Forever"

Impulse Factory - "We Are The Future, Brother"

Neophyte vs Urban Menace - "Blackout"

Art of Fighters vs Nico & Tetta - "Shotgun"

Holy Crown Forces - "Feel the Force"

Masters of Ceremony - "Under Control"

Hard Creation - "I Will Have That Power!"

DJ Mad Dog - "The Memory Disappears"

Art of Fighters vs Nico & Tetta - "Alleluja Motherfuckers"

Zero Six Project - "Motherfuckin DJ"

Art of Fighters - "The Beat Can't Change"

Moby - "Thousand"

I'm gonna be playin more of the same style tonite if any of you are interested in coming to check it out. Here's the link with the info: http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=80055

I'll be playin some Bailey & Hades, Schumacher, a few Liebing tracks, and a lot of E-Craft after 1am. (I've been getting into those guys a lot lately)


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