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"Be Progressive" Volume 2. Put your name on the list please! :)


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Ehhhhhhh yeeeeeeeooo!

For all that would like a copy of the new compilation “Be Progressive” Volume 2… throw your email name on this list or email me at En0rgize@aol.com and ask away! I will be more than willing to send you a copy.

Let me explain a little bit about this CD before you guys listen.. and hopefully enjoy! I did 6 different 80 min mixes, and wanted to chose the best mix out of 6, obviously. Well no… I did not pick the “flawless” mixing mix out of the bunch. This was more of a live set I wanted to record, as opposed to a regular “mix cd.” So I said, shit, let me be true to myself and musik lovers, cause im not “absolutely flawless.” In other words, im releasing the mix which I feel has the best “live” sound to it, where there are perfect mixes and loops, and then there is the occasional off mix or loop.

Reason im doing this, is because I’m not perfect. And to release a “perfect” CD, is not me. And it’s not anyone on this board, and it’s not anyone behind the decks in club land. Don’t get me wrong, there is no trainwrecks, but it’s not perfect… I’d rather release a cd with my style, and ME playing my heart out, as opposed to a 1 hour mixed cd with perfect everything, blah. No. Not this time around.

Guys once again, I’m not asking you to like it, im not saying you will like it, but this is the music I play, and play with. I’m not the best, im not a musician, I’m someone who puts a bunch of elements, sounds, and vocals over one another, and tries to make people dance. If you like it, so be it, if ya don’t, sorry boss. J I can’t please everyone… especially only playing for 4 years. J

Oh by the way, I couldn’t throw my whole track on the cd, so I put the 5 min cut I have on it.. I’d rather keep the full 10 min version for myself, just a personal thing I Guess. Whatever… hehe J

Ill start sending the CD out tonight or Sunday morning! Ok? Have fun tonight, anyone going to SF or World?

Here is a track listing for the CD.

Bent Always Ashley Beedle s Mahavishnu Vocal Mix

Permanent State

Brown brother lighthouse

Safe From Harm

Black Powder

Super Drum

Africa remix

“Bounce, Bump, Jump, Dance” featuring Celeda (Justin Higgins) small cut, not full version… only included one break.. real song has 3, but I couldn’t put it on the compilation for personal reasons. If you wanna call me ill play the full thing.. hehe ;)

Big Tool EP

War Preacher

Fever Rising(Ben Shaw Remix)

Yo, im out like trout.. lol peace

Justin Higgins

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i'd like to check a copy--but maybe i could get a disc copy somehow..i'll contact u..

I really was posting just to say that i agree with you about mixing and no one is perfect...when ur on, ur on, but i like how u said sure they may be no trainwrecks, but sometimes a beat slips here and there--

<---been spinning 11 years and beats still slip....:D

Mike BuGouT

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Originally posted by ibclubbin

good stuff bro.....didnt one of your last cds have a blend of derb and r ready and some stuff like that? have you moved on from that or do you just have different styles for different moods?

did you ever get a listen to my mix that was circulating?


The CD with Derb/Debom/RhythmReady was from when I was back playing at Exit. That song is actually on AG.

I plenty everything from deep house, to progressive house, to silly tech house to hard house, but I rarely play any trance. I'm not big on the whole trance thing. I'm not too big on domestic vocals, but import vocals im a big fan of.

As far as playing different sounds during different moods... eh, I play what I "see" in my head. Don't ask.

But for the most part, what you hear on this CD is relatively the style I play. Take a look at Volume 1, that CD for the most part was dark and twisted, when I want to play deep, I play deep. I dont walk up to my setup and say, ok today is tech house! Once again, I play what im seeing in my head.

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Originally posted by sprincess218

Hey President Justin!

I would really dig it if I could be hooked up with the madness! (smile_218@hotmail.com)

You are absolutely right about the whole perfect mixing stuff. No one's perfect. Thanks for keeping it real! :D

The madness has been sent sweetheart.

As far as the mixing, its fine in this cd, but I just want people to know im not perfect and theres room for improvement. :D

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