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Originally posted by crank47

3/29/02, NYC @ Sound Factory.

I'll probably go, but I really hate Sound Factory! :mad:

you have to start juicing right now so you can look buff and then take your shirt off like most of the guys there :D , but since its PvD, I think that the croawd might be a bit different, not your tyoical SF crowd.

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Originally posted by scratchapella

aaand what?


i can't believe you 're at work this early. . .the partners at my firm don't get in till 11:30. . .then they go to lunch for two hours at 12

its like that here, I get in, check e-mail, make a few calls, work for 30 mins, then it lunch, come back respond to e-mails, call back anyone wthat called me, work for an hour and then its 5pm...the day is gone

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